Solar Scams

June 17, 2022

The "green revolution" is taking full force, and more Americans are moving fast into this wave of clean energy. But just like any good industry, people take advantage by using methods that rob your hard-earned money from your pocket - these sleazy salesmen know what they're doing!

To find a good company, you absolutely should research them. The best way is by searching online and seeing what others say about the business in question - but beware that some companies might also spend time writing fake positive feedback! To find out if someone's genuine, we at nomorelightbills call reviewers and ask for signed contracts or other forms of evidence. This way, we help you better make your decision. It works both ways: competitors will write negative things about each other to undermine their reputation or gain more clientele by making themselves look better than others via reviews (though this doesn't mean there aren't any good companies out there). 

Sometimes you will come across a good company with an honestly lousy salesperson. In these circumstances, we recommend calling the corporate office and letting them know about your experience so that they can take corrective action or apologize for any shortcomings on their end! It is also important to write reviews about what happened with the salesperson, not the company. This gives the company a motive to better its hiring practices.

Some companies are just harassers. They'll call you and ask for your information, then sell it to multiple solar companies who keep calling until they get what they want! It's not worth getting on the phone with these pests. If a company is persistently badgering calls from afar without respecting DO NOT CALL lists or filters set up by users, then hang up immediately; if this doesn't work, consider filing consumer protection complaints against them through local authorities.

The ease of advertising on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter makes it easier for people to dupe others into investing their money or sensitive data. Common sense is the only thing protecting you from these scams: if an ad seems too good, chances are there's probably some bait-and-switch going on behind the scenes that should give us pause before sending our information.

Government programs and tax incentives for solar power are legitimate, but to what extent? The Federal government has offered a 26% tax credit for installing the panels. Some local governments also add in terms such as state or municipal ones; however, some false advertising about these offerings claims that you'll automatically be eligible if your household income falls below certain levels - which is not valid! These individuals get paid by companies who send information on potential customers like yourself, so they may dupe them into buying unnecessary systems at high prices."

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) can help cover the cost of solar panels to "pay" for your electricity. But any company promising you an exact number is flat-out lying and should be ignored.

In conclusion, contacting a company is the best way to avoid being scammed. If they don't have an available phone number or email address, that's usually another sign something might not be what it seems and should raise some flags. Use your common sense when assessing if this person/business checks out; research their website (if accessible), read reviews, and contact us.

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