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We'll provide you with clear, unbiased information that you can use in your decision-making process even if that means that solar isn't right for you. We scout, filter, and review different solar installers in your area and provide the essential information to build a quote. They compete for your business resulting in lower prices. Because we are the main point of contact, you will no longer have unsolicited sales calls or door-to-door knocking involved. We offer first-class expertise to make it easier for you to choose the best option for your needs at a price that works for you.

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How to Go Solar the Right Way

The energy demands in your home are unique and depending on the type of property, it can be hard to know if solar will work. We'll talk about what you should consider before making a decision.

Tips to Lower your Electricity Bills

With rising energy costs, now is the time to learn how you can save more at home on your utility bill. Check out our top tips!
How does solar energy work?

Solar 101: How does solar work?

Solar panels are devices that convert light into electricity. They are made up of solar cells, which are also called photovoltaic cells. Solar cells are made of materials...
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Kevin Sullivan

"scheduled my consultation and within 30 minutes I had switched energy plans and now I save 15-20% off my electric bill!"
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John Woodward

Five Star Solar Power
I'm so glad I found Alyssa to help me with solar. She was quick and easy to get in touch with, she got the information that we needed quickly--and most importantly for me: she got us the best solar quote and still managed to have the solar company lower the cost further!

Lisa Collins

Five Star Solar Power
I love all the tips and their product reviews! Aside from using them to find electric companies I also subscribe to their blogs, so informative and fun to read.

Matthew Kinsley

Five Star Solar Power
Great customer service is hard to come by these days, but not when you're dealing with THESE GUYS. The consultant I spoke to made everything so easy for me and helped find the perfect energy plan that fits my lifestyle perfectly!
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Shop solar panels for your home with quality research and peace of mind

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    Solar Experts 

    With years of experience in the solar panel industry, our main aim is to provide you with an honest and professional solution that meets YOUR needs, not ours.

    Verified Solar Reviews

    Before you make a purchase, read what real customers have to say about local solar companies.

    Privacy is key

    On NoMoreLightBills, you can get an accurate solar panel cost and savings estimate without giving us any personal information. Once you see the estimate, our experts will start the bidding process with different solar installers on your behalf--so no sales calls unless YOU want them!
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    Consciousness analysis 

    The solar experts at NoMoreLightBills always have you—not us—in mind when finding the best solution for your needs.

    Solar Panel Manufacturers

    NoMoreLightBills looks into technical factors that often go unnoticed in customer reviews, giving consumers a better idea of how good or bad a solar brand actually is.

    Solar Panel Installers 

    With our installer ranking process, you will have access to exclusive information that cannot be found anywhere else. You can rely on our experts to help you find the perfect solar installer who meets all of your needs and requirements.
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    Unique to you

    With NoMorelightBills, you are the one in charge of your solar panel buying journey. You won't have to deal with any pesky door-to-door salesmen or unwanted phone calls. 

    Go solar with complete peace of mind

    Our Solar Experts offer a 100% personalized experience that starts with receiving and comparing multiple solar quotes. Once you've done that, we can help you pick which solar installer is best for you.

    One Step Closer to Energy Independence

    Whether you want to better the environment or keep more money in your pockets - we've got solar experts here to help. 
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