Solar Battery Vs. Gas Home Generator—Which Is Right For Me - Tesla Powerwall

August 1, 2022
Tesla powerwall vs gas generator - solar Battery

There is no shortage of reasons homeowners are looking to achieve greater energy independence. From protecting against blackouts, to lessen your dependence on the electric grid, avoiding the charge for peak demand, or simply having control over their energy, be it completely off-grid or tied into the grid through behind-the-meter generation.

For back-up power when the power goes out, many homeowners need to access vital electronics, medical equipment, or constant refrigeration for medications. Some homeowners choose to maintain an off-grid option for running essential security devices or household necessities, such as the well pump or the security system, while some homeowners do not want to have to say goodbye to all of their freezer foods each time the electricity goes out.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a stand-alone backup solution to power your home, you may be at the crossroads of choosing between an entire-home generator or solar-powered battery back-up system. Each type of system has pros and cons - here's what you should know about choosing between solar power with batteries or a generator. If you have ever heard the faint buzzing sound coming from your neighbor's home when the electricity goes out, chances are that you are hearing a generator's backup.

These combustible generators produce power by burning fossil fuels such as natural gas or propane. Backup generators can be designed to turn on automatically if they detect power failure or manually turn on if needed.

The cost to install a backup generator depends on your home's size and the appliances you want to keep running when you are without power. While backup generators are a popular option for backup energy, there are a few downsides to using this type of system. They can be especially loud (if you are used to hearing that little murmur, you get it!).

Solar Battery Backup, also known as Solar Battery Storage, is a battery capable of storing and dispersing renewable energy generated from your solar panels. You have probably heard of solar battery products such as the Tesla Solar Battery and the Tesla Powerwall. A solar battery system is best combined with a new or existing system of solar PV panels and inverter, and it can be designed to run alongside or independently from the electric grid.

These are called grid-connected and grid-agnostic systems, respectively. Batteries can also be used in place of solar power, but they must be charged from a power source, such as the electric grid.

Home Solar Battery Storage makes sure that your home uses as much of the renewable energy coming from your solar panels as possible, and it can be used in times of lower solar power production (like overnight), in times of power outages, or to avoid times when power is most expensive (like Time-of-Use/Peak Demand charging programs). If you combine solar with solar batteries, you have electricity whenever the sun is shining, but what happens if you need this backup energy in the middle of a cloudy week? A generator might be a better choice depending on your backup power needs.

Also, solar battery prices always vary depending on the size of your system and which type of battery storage solar panels best suit your and your home's needs. While solar battery storage systems are more expensive than backup generators, battery storage also qualifies for valuable solar incentives such as tax credits savings and is used to compensate for spikes in demand.

So, what is the best option for your Solar Home Battery or Gas Generator?

If you do not plan on installing solar power in the future and are just looking to ensure that essential appliances are working in case of an emergency, then an off-grid generator might be your best bet. If you are looking to keep your lights on during a power outage, lower peak electric rates with time-of-use rates, or already have a solar PV installation, then a battery-backup solar PV system is probably your best bet for your home. Let us help you find the best solar quotes for your home.

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