Can Solar Energy Be Affordable And Reliable? 5 Things To Know Before Investing

July 20, 2022
Can Solar Energy Be Affordable And Reliable? 5 Things To Know Before Investing

Texans looking for reliable power increasingly turn to solar panels for their homes. In the U.S., the amount of energy consumed by solar rose almost six-fold between 2012 and 2018. The affordability has also made it more accessible to many looking for alternative power sources.

But is it the right fit for you and your home? We talked to experts about everything from reliability to the affordability of solar power. Are solar panels reliable enough for you to live off-grid? The winter storms of 2021 and a recent threat of an energy blackout in the summer have raised questions about the reliability of home-powered solar panels.

Solar energy is reliable, but there is one caveat; solar panels depend on the power grid to provide home electricity. Homes need to be connected to the electric grid, even when using solar panels. The meetings offer an early power source, but homes are powered by electricity on the grid when not in operation. Solar does that on its own (but) doesn't keep providing power for your house as much as the generator does.

It can do so if you combine that with a battery storage system. In a blackout, the battery can power refrigerators, TVs, and ceiling fans and let you charge your phones. If you were looking to power an air conditioning unit, which is the biggest draw, you would need more batteries. While many experts recommend batteries as a backup, the cost of buying and installing even a single battery is considerable. You can also read our article about Solar Here.

Are There Hidden Costs to Solar Panels?

Investing in solar panels may seem scary, but as demand has increased, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory reports that costs dropped more than 75% from 2010 to 2018. Experts also told us the investment up front pays for itself with lower power bills. Here are some more costs to think about before investing in solar.

Solar panels are getting cheaper as their popularity grows, but upfront costs can deter many. You can either pay everything up front, or you can finance it like you would with a car loan. It includes the cost of the solar panels as well as other costs. Look at it like this: You are choosing whether to pay for all your electricity over the next 25 years up or take a loan. Anyone investing, deciding to go solar in Texas, depending on what they are paying for their electricity, could look somewhere between 10 and 15 years to pay for it.

NoMoreLightBills helps educate people on the components and the process of going solar. We secure quotes from solar companies and show them, but it is up to the individual whether or not they will invest. This lowers barriers to solar and helps lower the average costs as it becomes a competitive bidding process. In 2022 buyers could qualify for 26 percent federal tax credits. The incentive works as a credit, meaning that not everyone would qualify. It is a misconception that everyone qualifies for a tax break.

We encourage people to speak to their CPA and homeowners insurance provider to ensure all is well before signing the deal to purchase solar panels.

How Much Money Can I Save by Putting Solar Panels on My Home?

The upfront costs of going solar can be daunting, but they are paid off in reduced electric bills.

Solar panels still require that individuals are connected to the electrical grid, and they have to set this up with the electricity company. The goal is to generate enough solar power to power the house while also minimizing electricity usage from the grid. This can lower electric bills to zero, provided sufficient power is generated.

About ten electric providers will pay compensation for excess power produced from solar panels. Some of these companies offer buyback, net-metering, or incentive programs for extra power solar panels can make, which goes back into the electrical grid. tentraBut, Texas does not require electricity companies to compensate people for this power. You are mainly at the mercy of retailers who willingly offer plans to pay you that check.

Reasons to installl solar

Do solar panels work on a cloudy day?

Solar panels depend on the sun, but that does not mean they do not generate power on cloudy days. Solar works just like going to the beach on sunny days vs. cloudy days, getting a sunburn. Energy output can be lower on cloudy days, but panels still generate electricity. Want to find out more? We can help discover if solar is worth it for your home.

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